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Forum: Over the Hedge (GBA & DS)

Thread: Possible ILs?

Started by: CuboeCuboe

Sure, why not. But not too many people are running the game as it is.


Forum: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Thread: New Category

Started by: ThePokeKnightThePokeKnight

I would add a category such as that, but there is just simply not enough interest for it. Personally I don't see the point in a seperate category just for that, either.
With current meta you finish first in each of the cups anyways, so it's not really something that we should differentiate by.

I'm happy you consider running this, if you need help with the game, feel free to contact me on the discord channel.


Forum: Supraland

Thread: discord link is borken

Started by: mczolly92mczolly92

I recommend you do a link

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Forum: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Thread: New category idea

Started by: mczolly92mczolly92

I did a run in the category I've designed (I've nicknamed it Tutorial%). It's not as grindy as House Cup and not as tedious as World Cup, it's a healthy inbetween in my opinion.
Please take into consideration adding this category.

Rules: Every run must start from a fresh new game, timer starts on picking a team, timer ends on catching the snitch and winning the third game of Hogwarts House Cup. You must win all three games.

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Forum: Max Payne

Thread: Rules for modifications

Started by: mczolly92mczolly92

I would like to get into MP1 speedrunning, what are the specific rules for modding? Because the game has serious issues on windows 10 and some modifications are necessary to make it run properly.