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The date and time (Times in 24h format)
McRaeathon Start Time: Saturday 7th March 2020 - 11:00 GMT (11AM UK Time)
McRaeathon Finish Time: Sunday 8th March 2020 - 22:00 GMT (10PM UK Time)

Twitch (Online)

Quick Rules and Guidelines:
+ Make sure to keep chat sensible at all times (No talk of hate speech or political chatter)
+ Jokes are fine as long as they don't go too far (No racial jokes or religious jokes of any kind)
+ All entrants are allowed to enter however we do have to put an age limit on things here, minimum age for participation is 15 Years of Age or higher.
+ Games can be run on emulators if necessary
+ We allow all runners as long as they feel they can run their games properly and can keep under the estimate they set themselves 🙂
+ We are going to be working alongside BSG Marathon for this event so all money raised will go straight to the Dutch Gaming Society (DGS)

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask them here and we will get back to answering them as quickly as possible! 🙂

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Hey, is this still a thing then? Just saw your comment on RBR, I've never tried speedrunning any Mcrae games but I just got 3/04 on PC, so I'd consider doing a short run, maybe sub 30 mins

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