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Ok, I know darbian had fixed rules for the Marihour Challenge (which I respect) and I understand why the leaderboard follows it.

The challenge is awesome and a lot of Mario speedrunners praise it as being one of the best Mario challenge there is. Sadly, the common thing I hear is that nobody wants to run it because SM64 0/1 star is super difficult and happens at the very end of the run. Many are saying "if SM64 was the 1st game, it wouldn't be that bad" which I always replied "that's the way the challenge works".

But lately, I've been doing runs of it myself. I love it and I wish more runners would attempt it.

So I've been thinking, what if we allow the game order to be changed? We could keep the leaderboard as it is and add a "filter" to the submissions: 1) Fixed order or 2) Custom order. No need to have a tab, just a filter in the submission form that would appear on the leaderboard as well. A bit like "orb/cloud/glitchless" in SMW 11 exit for instance. That way, we keep the leaderboard as it is and let people run it and submit with custom orders. We continue darbian's legacy and modernize the category to be more accessible.

I really wish more people would run it and honestly, I think that it would encourage people to run it.

I want to hear what you think of that idea. Thanks for considering!

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I fully support this idea. I’ll try to check in with the other mods to see what they think.

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I like this, but I'm conflicted on allowing the rule change as a filter option. Doing this would allow someone to come in an potentially take the world record (or put up a really good time) much more easily than the runners who have tried before a potential rule change. I realize the filter option would separate them somewhat, but the filters sometimes aren't obvious when viewing a leaderboard for the first time. I would argue having "unordered" as its own tab might be a better option to preserve the original spirit of the category.

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I agree with esmo that it should be its own category. Maybe not even called Marihour; hexathlon would fit the naming scheme of the other categories like it. After all, Marihour is specifically designed to be a challenge, and making it easier changes it into something else.


I think it’s a fair suggestion to have another category. I assume you will create it like the others with Any%, Warpless and 100%?
Do we consider 0/1 star to be Any%, so how about the wrong warp in SMB3 and 0 exit in SMW?
I just hope that it stays true to the original Marihour and not be a completely different challenge, hence why I suggested a filter instead of a category.


Yeah it should definitely be a new category, because it does mean that people who play by the spirit of the challenge and preserve the chronological order are at a disadvantage for “WR” by not having a flexible order.

Also, we absolutely can have any%, Warpless, and 100% versions. There are protocols for each of these games in other multiple Mario categories, and we’d follow those rules (ex: Any% category SMB3 would be any% no wrong warp)