Warpless NES Trilogy: Stewie Should Have the World Record, and Mars Should Be in Second Place
7 months ago
British Columbia, Canada

I've retimed both runs, and here are the results: stewie_cartman:   11 1  11   19:42.436   24:20.162 +52:49.064 1:36:51.662 (Frame Count: 349,274)

Mars02:   1   11   19:15.430   23:05.901 +54:30.614 1:36:51.945 (Frame Count: 349,291)

As you can see, Stewie beat Mars by seventeen frames. So he should have the world record, and Mars should be in second place. But if you mods don't want to make this change, no worries!

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New Hampshire, USA

It's an hour and a half long category, if we wanted ms to be included in the final submission times then we would have already discussed that, and done a framecount ourselves.

Also, my run was recorded on a VCR (which has been proven to slow speedruns down), so technically my run is faster than Stewie's. My run is around 1:36:42 w/o loads if you look at my actual split times (which varies if you framecount the video). However we're just using my VCR video time since it's most certainly not fair to have my leaderboard run as a time that's not very obvious to point out/easy to calculate.

Also also, roopert has a run that's faster than both of our runs, I don't think he submitted it yet however I'm pretty sure he has a VOD of it on his Twitch channel.

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