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Hi guys, first of all, sorry if i'm talking about this only now, anyway, unfortunately, it happened for the second time.
What happened? Basically, i was adjusting some category variables in the boards, when i noticed a "Glitchless" variable, which at first was empty. Being empty, i decided to remove it.
Turns out this variable contained all the runs submitted until that day.
I tried to talk with speedrun.com mods, but i wasn't able to find anyway a method to restore these runs.
I'm not going to explain how these variables work in depth, but it's so intricate that it's not the first time this happens (this also happened to Bryce Back in February).
Again, sorry if your runs were removed, you can always resubmit them tho, i'll do my best to verify all of them.
Also, if someone has a discord invite link for the glide server, can you link it here?
Thanks in advance.


im currently resubmitting every run that was a pb


ok im done


Here's the link to the 'new' discord if it's needed:

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