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So, I was recently made mod of this board and as such I have been reorganizing this board. I've taken many suggestions from the forums, and have done what I felt best for this board, however a couple of things just so people know.

1. I made a discord for this game. While I don't see it being active, I do think it will be good to have so people can easily ask questions or even find people to race. Here is the link - https://discord.gg/WXbZqWM

2. I am talking to the mods of the PC page about completely going separate. Talks are in the early stages, however I am confident we can separate our boards.

3. IL's are now a thing! I've only added a few so far, however I welcome any IL as long as you do a run of it first. I don't want any empty IL's on the board just cause.

If there's any questions on anything, please use discord, as I would like to not clutter up these forums any more than they already are. That being said, have fun going fast!

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