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To anyone who is confused or are unaware of what is currently going on, Me and @11 have been working for weeks to submit every single run from Minecraft Playstation®4 Edition's In-game glide leaderboard for the in-game leaderboards are actually reset by mojang every year. This is done to preserve the leaderboards, while increasing competition for those said boards. Other than that, Idk. Read my below post for the message is too long to fit in only this.
The boards can be found here: https://www.speedrun.com/mce/individual_levels

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Add your name here and a link to the glide run that you believe to be rightfully yours. A mod will put your username as a substitute to an user-less run.

We will do this substitution after the submission of the ~80,000 to ~100,000 runs that are on the PS4 Leaderboards for Glide.

If you want to contribute, you can record the Xbox 1 Leaderboards for us (I do not own one). If one wishes to do this they must:
• Record at 1080p, provide non-compressed raw footage.
• Video starts at the top of the board and ends at the bottom.
• Movement down the leaderboard is consistent (like using a rubber band).

If anyone has any questions about this whole process, feel free to ask it in a reply. This is a huge project so at some point it is going to be receiving a lot of attention so I judge that this thread may or may not explode.

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java moderators are not halal!

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says the one who hasnt submitted a single run on mc3ds, mce, or mcbe (mcbeuce doesn't count :rage:)

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