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World Name: Whatever
Game Mode: Must be survival
Difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard, peaceful isn't allowed
Texture Packs: as long as they don't clearly alternate the game they're allowed
Online Game: Up to you whether to check it or not, but its recommended to have it off

Seed: Only if you're doing a set seed run
Find Balanced Seed: Up to you
World Size: Up to you
Biome scale: Up to you
Generate Structures: Up to you
Bonus Chest: Must be off
Superflat World: Must be off
Disable Autosave: Up to you, it only really matters in full game runs
Trust Players: only relevant for co-op runs, obviously on
Fire Spreads: Must be on
TNT Explodes: Must be on

Online Game: See above
Player vs Player: Must be on
Host Privileges: Must be off
Daylight Cycle: Must be on
Weather Cycle: Must be on
Keep Inventory: Must be off
Mob Spawning: Must be on
Mob Griefing: Must be on
Mob Loot: Must be on
Tile Drops: Must be on
Natural Regeneration: Must be on

General CO-OP Settings:
PVP: Must be on, as said before
Trust players: Must be on, as said before
Video proofs: Must be recorded by the Host, which obviously has to show settings before entering the world.
Split-screen is also allowed

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