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I think it would be fun if you added to the levels a thing where you start on one side of a Minecraft map and you have to run all the way to the other side. Basically run across the entire world. The person would go in creative first and head to the southest block on the map. Then they would go in adventure of survival and the timer would start when they moved and the timer would end when on the northest row of blocks. I race people doing this and I think it would be fun. As soon as you see this plz add it.


We would need a map for this category also set speed would be the best out of random and tutorial tutorial being slow cause we get water


that's an extremely arbitrary category and as such will not be added. As a reminder though, just because something is not a category on this site does not mean you cant run it, so if you enjoy racing that with your friends, then by all means continue doing so.

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