How to reset achievements on rpcs3.

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How to reset Minecraft achievements on rpcs3:

DISCLAIMER: this method does not work on Linux as far as I know. You can delete the files manually if you go to the directory.

Step 1. Open rpcs3.

Step 2. Click on "Manage" on the top bar.

Step 3. Click "Trophies".

Step 4. Make sure you have "Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition" selected then right click on any of the achievements.

Step 5. Click on "Open Trophy Dir".

Step 6. A Files Explorer window should open up containing a bunch of files (mainly images).

Step 7. Delete the "TROPUSR.DAT" file.

And that's it, you have reset the achievements for Minecraft on rpcs3.

If you encounter any problems/have any questions, join the Discord.

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