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dont frame me as another shigame pls


Thanks, everyone, for being nice and helpful members of the community. I love how someone asked a valid question, and every single person responded with kind and on-topic "answers". Every time I get notified about this thread, I look at the latest message and it makes me happy. This community is definitely one of the best. Your answers definitely helped me out and answered the question of the original poster. Thanks!


np SprinklezMC glad we could help


umm.. it was complete sarcasm


Ohh sarcasm, ohh yeah that thing


@1010 How about you release the video if you got record with the seed? Btw I think, not sure, but I think he got banned for being underage or something unrelated.

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what are sarcasm

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i have spent 8 hours on chunkbase looking for good 1.16+ bedrock seeds and nothing can beat the current seed, but I have found maybe some sub 10's? The thing that is so great about current seed is really the exposed spawner and stronghold which is not about to be found in another seed. As well as bridge bastion. Bridge bastion pretty much ensures pearls so It would take ages to find a better seed than the current one


I never got banned, just thought I didn't get any replies.
I was just randomly seed hunting and found this seed just randomly one day.
I didn't mean to start any arguments, and just wanted to share my discovery with the community.
Sorry to the mods for all of the trouble. 🙂

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