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Do you need actual Java Edition, as like with a legit account, in order to speedrun this category? Because I got bedrock edition in 2016 and only about a year ago I came across TLauncher. I always refuse to buy legit Java Edition because I live in Canada and it's $35 for me, which I don't think it's worth it.

To summerize, do you need a premium account in order to be on the leaderboards or can people use a cracked version? (Like me)

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well shoot


just speedrun bedrock :pipega:

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@TheNoSwearGuyTheNoSwearGuy you can tecnicaly speedrun the pirate minecraft exactly like the normal one if no one realices, isnt that legal so kinda makes it not allowed if they know you use it so now is a problem because they use it BUT if not you can play it and it will be accepted

this is like the 5th time we have this topic lol


they're gonna know due to f3


i mean imagine using f3 smh


Unless you're in a country that doesn't sell Minecraft, there is absolutely no reason to pirate it. Especially if you're in a country like Canada, TheNoSwearGuy.

And it's been confirmed by at least one verifier that TLauncher and/or similar are banned.

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Dude, just... speedrun Bedrock Edition

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you are required to open f3 after the end of the run, which will expose it

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using TLauncher is illegal

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i mean the reason would be not wanting to spend money in the premium version if you arent economicaly willing to do it lol
also what there is in canada

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@TheNoSwearGuyTheNoSwearGuy just make your parents buy it on your birthday like I did when I was 12

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No you don’t need Java you just have to speed run in a different part of speedrun.com but most speed runs are performed on Java as it is slot mot pupil error and is less glitchy


You need the Java version to submit to this leaderboard, and you also need the Java runtime in order to play the game.

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