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I see that most speedruns for 1.16+ are on 1.16.1, but is it allowed to submit a run on 1.16.5?
(im asking because 1.16.1 is really laggy for me)



but yeah anybody with more than 10iq plays 1.16.1

and also 1.16.5 is allowed but i would highly unrecommend it

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Thanks. Anyways, even with sodium it's laggy, I don't know why. Sodium only works for 1.16.5 for me. Anyways thanks for the answer!

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you're probably using outdated sodium, use mrmangohands' backport

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if you're wondering why we dont use 1.16.2+, there are tons of reasons:

piglin trades - fire res, obsidian, crying obi, and string are all reduced, which are all useful in speedrunning - pearls, though, are more than 4 times less likely, so bastions arent even worth it, especially because of brutes

if you're not using trading, endermen pearl spawn and drop rates are also lower

quadrants work differently/kinda broken

pie chart doesnt work

nether structures are less likely

and if you're using villager trading, (although idk why you would on a 1.16 run) when villagers change dimensions they lose their job/profession

dirt, gravel, granite, diorite, andesite, coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, redstone ore, diamond ore, lapis lazuli ore, and infested stone generate less

thats about all i know but i personally do practice 1.16.2+ for obtaining xp and end city loot in SMPs, but 1.16.1 is much better. I'm not sure why 1.16.1 is laggy for you, but its really unfortunate, because 1.16.1 is so much faster/advantageous.

try 1.16 to see if it doesnt lag, quadrants are work a little different but seeing as you are a new runner (from when you joined src, and how many posts/runs you have), quadrants aren't really important to new runners

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Thanks, now my game runs perfectly!


Woah, I didn't imagine how better 1.16.1 was. Anyway yeah I'm planning to start speedrunning and I'm much more confident now.



I'm glad that your game works now 🙂