Resource Rules

Only resources which are outside your game that are listed here are allowed to be utilised:

• Ninjabrain-Bot (only v1.1.0) by Ninjabrain1
• StrongholdNotCalculator (only v2.0) by pjagada
• PerfectTravelBot (only v1.0.0) by FourGoesFast
• DivineHeatmapGenerator (only v1.1-alpha) by mjtb49
• Four function calculators
• Any sheets physically printed out
• Reference sheets:
- Any reference which is a subset of a legal reference is allowed.
- Any reference which references information not based on data from the F3 menu is unilaterally allowed, i.e. stronghold rings, all structure regions sheets/graphs, villager trading tables, etc.
- Four's Perfect Travel spreadsheet, axis calculated, divine fossil sheet, animal divine sheet, tree divine sheet, ravine/air cave/nether cave divine sheet, water cave divine sheet, and nether portal orientation divine sheet are allowed. Any other references which do not fall in the above categories are illegal.

If you use any resources not explicitly allowed by these rules, your run may be rejected. Only position, angle, and dimension (notably, not biome) is allowed to be used for resources that utilise F3 information. Any code based tool must be on a publicly accessible repository, i.e. GitHub.

Links to explicitly allowed resources can be found on the extended rules document at