Is There A Reset Macro for 1.14?
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Is There A Reset Macro for 1.14?
Toronto, ON, Canada

I'm Playing 1.14.4 and I need a Reset Macro For RSG.


The reset macro for 1.14 dont exist. He is with paraguay eating fries of non-existence :)

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United States

hey.. I dont appreciate the consumption of potato based foods...


Why not try the buns? XD

New York, USA

I love buns pepelaugh

oh yeah, if your mouse has extra buttons that you aren’t using for anything, you could try setting up a macro in your mouse software? I have a logitech g305 and I used to set up one of the side buttons to press the tab and enter keys to go through the menus since I didn’t know about the auto reset mods at the time its still pretty fast, but can be annoying if you tab out and it starts messing with other stuff

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Toronto, ON, Canada

I just don't know how to make things on ahk 💀

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