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So, Martzy (Also known as Imartz3
, or Martz) is a Puerto Rican speedrunner that focuses on Multi Mario Games (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy 1, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 2), and occasionally dabbles into some Paper Mario, and TTYD. His goal as a streamer is to make it from where he currently is now to America, where he plans to live with his Girlfriend Yary03. If you would like a bit of context of what's going on from Martzy himself, you can find out more here. Martzy and his family are in a tight situation given the current government issues, in relation to political business over Puerto Rico is all over the news, but things have to happen before he is set to move to Florida.

IMPORTANT: Please note that he is just looking into making this goal a reality. 100% of the funds donated during this marathon, which will be held from August 17th to August 19th, will be going entirely to himself going for the fund, but if it is not able to be raised, please ask and send a message to him, and he will rightfully give the money back according to PayPal.

Other then that, if you are interested in submitting to the marathon, then thank you for helping out, and making this dream a reality!
NOTE: This marathon will be streamed at Shape's twitch channel, which can be found over at