Shorter Categories
2 years ago

is anyone interested in shorter categories too? I thought running basically the segments of both full game runs as Individual levels so

  • Single board with difficulties and rules like the all board run
  • Minigames having 2v2 mini games as one category, 3v1 as one... Those are the two that would makes sense (in my opinion) It would also be practice for the longer runs and some people like shorter runs. Just asking around if anyone is interested cause when i am the only one it wouldnt make sense to add it
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2v2 and 3v1 could be interesting! Especially because it allows two or even three people to submit under 1 speedrun. It could be fun to do with friends! I could also see only skill mini games being a run, as then it allows varying times to appear (with varying skill levels)

As for other short categories, I could see achievements being a category (for shorter runs, u could also have it broken up by constellation)

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good luck for those who go for all achievments ... level 99 on the rekord games look pretty hard to me

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Yeah I looked at the achievements those look like they’d take forever lol

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United States

I think IL categories for each board make sense, yeah.

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Another Idea is all MPX Minigames, per example '' All Mario Party 3 Minigames''. Could be a short and fun CE

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New Zealand

mp8 minigame KEKW

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there are actually 2 mp8 minigames

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Just for fun I tried two unofficial categories:

Mario Party Superstars: All 1v3 Minigames, Any Difficulty- 14:16.59

Mario Party Superstars: All Duel Minigames, Any Difficulty- 5:02.43

Categories like these might be more beginner friendly because some people don’t wanna put in a guaranteed 2+ hours into a speedrun (3+ If they aren’t that good)

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Louisiana, USA

Has anyone thought about something like an "All Achievements (60)" category (maybe ones too for all online (10) and all not online (50))? I realized that the achievements really are a thing special to this Mario Party and I think it would be a wonderful addition to the Speedrun categories (albeit the run would be REALLY long, maybe it would be best fit for Category Extensions, idk). Anyways, I just thought it was a cool idea and would make for one heck of a speedrun! I would definitely run the category, that's for sure! :) (And if online achievements really are just not fit for a speedrun, all not online achievements would still be a really cool category on its own to see! :) )

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Victoria, Australia

all achievments is not a good idea, one of them is play 50 games of mario party....

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thats to be honest not the biggest problem of it ... land on specific spaces 15 times (bowser, chance, vs etc) i saw people with a lot of games and still not those ... and way harder are the reach level 99 in the 2 challenge puzzle games.

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all of the minigames with times like bobsled run and rockin raceway should have il categories, although if the game has a teammate you need modes for like if the cpu is an ai difficulty or another player

Florida, USA

Maybe there could be some more categories for Mt. Minigames modes, like Coin Battle.

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Can we make a partner party run for 2 or more player and a level party for each board ?

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seperate category for like indivigual minigames???

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There should tbh MEisMEH there are people that do that on youtube although they have no shown times here of that stuff like a guy got a 1:03 on dungeon duos with a friend

New York, USA

Would love an IL section for at least the individual minigames that track IGT


They would never add individual Minigames.