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Can we please separate the difficulties on the leaderboard?

Weak is obviously not the same run as brutal difficulty

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I second this

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Me too

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No. This was mentioned here; https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​marioparty6/​thread/​wn38s

Filter out the runs on the board if you want to see the top runs for your respected category, this is literally no different than using subcategories and this is a lot easier to maintain and manage. The change was to reduce the pointless extra categories for having no differences aside of what the AI may do at times which isn't very notable overall so it was just a bunch of people submitting runs for free world records, even then as I've mentioned on discord I am still letting people submit different difficulty runs onto the boards.

I want subcategories to be meant for actual different categories on the leaderboard (in this case "CF" and "100 Stars" for solo mode). So, if you can't make two clicks, I'm not sure what else to tell anyone because it's as easy as that. Other Mario Party games could actually do this very same thing for the same similar reasons but that also means they would have a lot of runs to move (this game didn't have as many runs that I had to move) so that is likely why other games in the series don't do the same thing at this point. Though they could at any time.


i respect that but if you look at from certain peoples perspectives it shows that they are #1 for a specific category this way but filter its a completely different way due to "hidden times" take me for example it shows im #4 overall but #1 for normal this way until i filter it, when i filter it shows my as #3 due to Simon and Echo having better times in Easy rather than normal. As for your statement Other Mario Party games could actually do this very same thing for the same similar reasons i checked every MP that has all boards listed has them separated by difficulty. MP6 is the only one that does this.

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I have looked at different perspectives and in general, the only complaint is nitpicking. If anyone really had a serious complaint it would be how runs are actually displayed on your profile but this isn't really my fault but how the site handles runs on profiles.

Just because runs aren't all being displayed as "default" with subcategories does not mean the exact same thing still exists either way, besides having to click a couple of times to sort out the runs. The runs that display are all the best runs the runners have provided and placed onto the board as a "default", which statistically is interesting data to easily view between these modes.

Other Mario Party games "could do this very same thing for the same similar reasons" if they wanted to but I have already expressed why they don't. To be frank, some of them are fairly small games with a lack of runners to really care enough to apply or make any changes. The ones that are large and active could easily do this for all the same reasons but these boards were added during a time when the filtering option wasn't even a feature yet and no one was that interested by the time it was a thing due to the amount of runs and work it would take to move such runs. However, this isn't about those games, this is just about Mario Party 6.

The fact of the matter here is, I get the nitpicking issue but its an extremely minor complaint and pointless one to boot. If you are too half-assed to manually sort the runs, I'm still not sure what to tell anyone. The runs across these modes are generally nearly all the exact same, if people want to find your runs trust me they will do it and if a runner wants to see where they stand they can still sort out the runs to see where they stand among those who also did those runs. Having all these extra categories is still pointless because they literally almost all mimic each other to the T. I would reconsider if there were significant differences in play here, but that just isn't the case here.

I'm not going to turn the other way and revert the board back to how it was almost a year ago. You can feel free to dislike it, but it is not stopping anyone from submitting and running the game.

Edit: At this point, I feel I've answered everything to the best of my ability and I've also made it clear where I personally stand with this. I don't think there is anything else I need to say, but if others still feel they have something say please feel free to use this thread and keep it civil.

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I think they should be separate because the differences make the subcategories justified, in my opinion, coming from someone who has actually run each difficulty and has run the game in the past year