Forums  /  Mario Fan Games series  /  Mario Kills Tanooki  /  is not valid to get coins to 0 second death% why?


I think that, like in any% category, minimum you have to get the 0s death%, so would be more competence with in-game-time and in-real-time; and basically, if this is not posible, is a free category, practically a minimum of 1/3 of the times you play it, you can death in 3 seconds without do nothing, and is the perfect time, so is useless lol.

Minimum, like subcategory, no?
In one is not allowed the reset with coins, and in the other yes.

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Good point. Making resetting the timer with coins not allowed wasn't the best choice, looking back. It makes the category a complete meme and not very competitive.

I'll change the rules to allow resetting the timer with coins. It makes a lot more sense. Thank you for bringing this up.

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