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Soooo why is the level leaderboard just Phases 3&4 and Phases 13&16 wth? like why can't there be like Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 etc.!?


I have no idea what you even mean. There is a 18 phases category, a 100k points category, and a 8 phases category.


My apologies! I didn't even realize that board existed.


3 years ago i made this leaderboard. i added a bunch of categories to simply put, there mightve been some agreement but since levels were literally like 4 seconds long we decided to add mini dumb categories to fill that gap. almost every category that once was here has been removed all thats left to remove was the level leaderboard, when i was removed from this game by Kirkq he added the mods you have now.
NEScard probably didnt even notice the LEVEL leaderboard when he cleaned up this board, if you really want level leaderboards theres not much you can do and even if i was still moderating here i wouldnt even bring that back.