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Hi guys,
I've just bought a used SNES with Super Mario World with it and I'm having a serious problem here.
Apart from the main screen not showing the stage with Mario running in it properly (only one thin vertical line in the center of the screen with the animation is showing up) I can't get past Iggy Koopa in Castle 1 level - upon entering the boss stage there's no platform in it - only the boss standing there. Because of that, I instantly fall down into the lava to my death. I didn't have problems with any other stages.
I don't know what to do - I've already cleaned the cartridge with alcohol and I'm still having those glitches. Could it be the console that is causing me these troubles? I also have Batman Returns, cleaned it and it's also glitchy (stuck in the center of the screen, can't move).
I'd be thankful for any info or tip.