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Any way adding Marble Marcher JJ as sub game?
It have more lvls and slightly changed physics + easy to use lvl editor


I haven't looked into Marble Marcher JJ yet myself but i doubt it will be added as a subgame in the foreseeable future.
It has been mentioned in our Discord server only once before so i guess it's not exactly popular...
What we were considering to add is the Marble Marcher: Community Edition (on and GitHub), it was developed in our Community Discord, is allowed for speedrunning and also has an easy to use level editor that even allows for shareable level packs with custom music per level. Other features are: improved graphics and performance, a replay feature, a screenshot feature and more.
I'll take a closer look at Marble Marcher JJ but for now it seems unlikely.


I see you'r point,
but I can't merge together words "speedrun" and "pupular" in my head)
if some game have alternative(uniq / fun) speedrun rules
why not create sub-game category for it?
-thats why it was added to site after all
-even if its applied to 5-10 players, who cares? Its couple Kbs size in server DB

i tell you even more, there is many kids out there who what try as many different speedrun rules as possible(on favorite game) - BECAUSE IT'S FUN:)