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Hello moderation staff. I have submitted a run. It would be appreciated if you could look at it

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Unfortunately I had to reject the run, but for various reasons that will become abundantly clear soon. The run itself is a good run, so don't be discouraged in that respect.

A tip (and I will make a resource .txt file for because that was a oversight in our regards 🙁 ) - you can export the IL as a webm by saving the film (this would be for proof call) and then holding the ALT key while selecting "Replay Saved Film".

Also, and this is unfortunately a problem with this website, we intended the IL's to be IGT only. However, due to how is designed, if you have RTA in full game as the main time you also have it for IL's. You can find the In game timer in Resources.

But do not fret, just redo your attempt with IGT and we will definitely add it to the leaderboard.

I have also added the discord for the speedrun community on the sidebar as well if you would like to join that.

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