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So i have been interested in this game for a long time and only really recently started to speedrun it since I did submit it to a marathon. But I did notice this board does not have rules or full categories set up yet.

So my initial assumption on timing was start on control and end on losing of control. It does seem like it takes about 2.25 seconds from the last screen before the first stage starts with minor testing to help with accuracy with timing runs.

I will test this more to get a more accurate start, and also look at other improvements since I plan to continue this small game in the future and possible look at coop runs.


Oh, yeah. I don't think I added rules since I kind of hastily set this board up when I myself wanted to submit it to a marathon.

I'll be adding some rules. Timing should start when you hit the button to make the how to play screen go away, so slightly before gaining control, and ends when Stage Clear pops up after killing the final boss. Boards for runs with more than one player will happen but using multiple variables gets fucky so it's probably just going to be 2p/3p/4p boards without character selection. I've wrestled with it for another board I moderate and nothing worked well.

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I have experience with boards that I've set up in the past with vast complexity so if you ever need help let me know but I do think first control is a better way to start time which is just after that screen as you mentioned is 2.45 seconds from when you hit the button to leave the screen.
This is after multiple tests and this is the spot, this also applies to restarting a stage which is the exact time needed to have control again. Timing end should be once Cleared appears. I did submit those runs with starting once i pass that screen rather then control but it depends it works well for games that are consistent with starts/loads and this game doesn't have variance that would affect it in such ways.
Just my thoughts on this. Looking forward to doing more runs tho as those runs were done also for a marathon technically as well.

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If you set the Mains as Difficulty: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, HELL.
Subs would be as follows: Fighter, Amazon, Mage, Ninja. COOP
Under COOP you would set it up as 2 PLAYER, 3 PLAYER, 4 PLAYER.
and just allow the characters as variables for the players for COOP.
That should work well and all that is needed at at least for now.

Nothing would need to be hidden and will be clean if done correctly.
Obviously this mainly being for ARCADE by default if survival does end up being a thing that can be sorted out later but I doubt thats something I want to work on... at least for now.

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