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Started from here I guess:
The similiar things can be achieved in 6:



Hover glitch

In VI there is no "0" follower. So to get the hover bug to happen you need 2 NPCs instead of 1 otherwise the game crashes.

Right clicking on the portraits of the followers gives them focus, even when the portrait is not visible it still gets the input.

As in VII it seems that it is possible to get new quest followers by dismissing the existing ones. You get different followers depending on how many you had prior to dismissing / at which position you started to dismiss.
Helen Teal is the first one:


Duplicating followers

Duplicating followers outdoors

After duplicating the game treats new followers as normal, even if the original ones were of quest type. Dying (as party) makes them to become of quest type, they do not disappear.

Duplicating house followers:

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