MAGLabs 2018 Speedrunning Test Chamber finished on .


MAGFest Laboratories 2018 is a maker-oriented music and gaming event taking place from September 7-9 in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. For more information, see: . MAGLabs: Play, Learn, Create, Rock!

The Speedrunning Test Chamber is a speedrunning marathon that will take place on-site at MAGLabs. In line with the Learn aspect of MAGLabs, we encourage submissions of tutorials in addition to runs, and informative commentary is highly valued.

Submissions close at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, August 16.

Due to equipment limitations, races will not be accepted.

The exact length and scheduling of the marathon will depend on submission volume and runner availability - it could even go for the entire duration of MAGLabs.

Runners will still need to acquire their own MAGLabs badges. (Single-day badges will be an option - see - if you do not wish to purchase a full-weekend badge.)