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I have added two moderators that I feel are fit to help here, Lance_ and Walland both have done a lot of work with this game for the past year or so. I have also added mandatory verification for runs, as the game has grown a lot and I never expected it to have more than a handful of runs.

Also Sqank if you want me to change something use anything but twitch messaging and whispers I literally never check Twitch stuff thanks!!!

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Also I heard that a NMS category are wanted, I'm not against the idea I suppose but calling something No Major Skips in a game like this seems kind of dumb. Generally a major skip is considered something that skips the entirety of a level or in-game item while this game seems to not have any of those and instead have many in-level tricks. If this category is still wanted, I'd vote for it to be called No OoB or Glitchless as that would create less confusion. idk figured I'd throw it out there.


It's all good man. I just didn't know where else to message you.