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Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Very Specific Situation

Started by: SRGTsilentSRGTsilent

People have been allowed to run on PlayStation 2 consoles that have been softmodded in similar ways to run bootleg discs, I don't see why this would be any different, you should be fine to do so.


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses

Thread: Codeless%

Started by: MishapTrapMishapTrap

The category you're suggesting is an outdated form of any% (though codes were never banned, we weren't convinced any would be quicker to use at the time). I wouldn't necessarily have an issue bringing back codeless as a misc category, seems fair to me.

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Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: PS3 running...

Started by: RayOfSpeedRayOfSpeed

As far as I am aware, emulating the game via PS3 is actually slower, but it is allowed.

I would certainly recommend emulating off of a PC or buying a PS2 with the game though.


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Discussion of rule proposals for No Manip

Started by: GenericMadScientistGenericMadScientist

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I have been thinking about what to write in this post for a day or two now, when I began to think I was sorta in a "just in case this does become a split category with separate rule-sets I need to make sure the rules aren't outrageous" mindset. However after thinking about possible rulings, including those which have been proposed, I'm afraid I have nothing to truly contribute other than rulings I would not agree with.The first thing would be the banning of 3D duels, even though they do not provide anything more than entertainment in "no manip", I believe we cannot simply ban an in game feature like this, people have been using this feature long before manipulation was a known viable option, and simply banning something just because it can be used to manipulate RNG seems absurd to me. Next thing I would like to address being "manipulated runs being obvious to tell", though I doubt this point is taken seriously much at all, I just want to say there are things that I believe would be classed as "non-obvious manipulations" and probably even things that people would think that are manipulated that aren't. To quote GCAH:

"So we're going to start deciding whether runs are manipped based on if they just look like it?
Kanek got two MBDs in 4 duels, or something. Cheated? Redhotbr got two quick Megamorphs in his recent PB. Cheated? If someone starts with a really good deck. Cheated?
If someone gets good luck and beats Heishin in campaign. Cheated? Or does it only count as cheated if they got a 'good' drop from him?
You're talking about a massively subjective and opinion-based ruling approach to runs."

What I'm suggesting is that we can't have someone/a group's opinion on a run's legitimacy used as a verification factor. I suppose to some extent we kinda already are doing that (with how easy it is in this game to modify a game ISO) but I have no intention to dig the rabbit hole even deeper on that.

For the same reasons I am against banning the use of 3D duels, I am against banning multiple random sorts, though these things may not be particularly useful, I believe people still deserve the option to do so in non-manipulated runs. I also saw something suggested about having a certain amount of "red flags" in a run before it becomes unverifiable, a red flag being something we could deem to be an RNG manipulation tactic. I am very against this as firstly it would be absurd to check through an entire FM run taking note of "red flags" (which could be considered very subjective), and if any individual hits a particular arbitrary number of these "red flags" having to reject their run. I just think we can't use anything that is opinion-based to verify a run, and the idea of "red flags" are entirely based on someone's opinion of what manipulation looks like. Idling on certain screens has been put forward as something to ban in runs too, I think that one is absolutely obscene, you cannot simply stop someone from going afk mid run. So I assume the response to this point is "we aren't stopping them, it's just where they leave themselves in game when they go afk that we are trying to stop, there are places where it makes no difference to idle", but I simply refuse to ban a run, that could be legitimately attained, because he went afk in a section of the game that isn't permitted. Sometimes people need to go urgently afk, and I will not penalise people for that.

I also want to mention a common flaw in the arguments of banning specific in game features, for example 3D duels, just because it could be used to aid RNG manipulation. The flaw is that there are so many things in the game that could be used in the same ways that it would be absolutely absurd (not just to me) to ban, like the use of "suboptimal" guardian stars. If you will not ban things like that why ban 3D dueling? The response I have seen to this point is that we cannot take an "all or nothing" approach, but I suggest that we can, and in fact we should, and the result should be nothing. We should not ban these things, and we should not separate RNG manipulation on the leaderboards.

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Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Should the leaderboard be split? [DISCUSSION/VOTING]

Started by: GFCGFC

I'm personally an advocate for the current layout of the leaderboard. Although I understand "legacy%" is the most popular way of people speed running the game I believe the current leaderboard layout still makes all runs clear to anybody who understands the game to see (and it's not a hard thing to explain to anybody who doesn't). I think it would be bad to make an entirely different category for what is a realistically obsolete and outdated form of any%. I also believe that separating runs because of RNG manipulation isn't a good idea. The idea of RNG manipulation is something that we are always doing unintentionally in the game anyway, separating intentional RNG manipulation doesn't make sense to me. Non-intentionally manipulated runs are exactly the same as what has been proposed as a "legacy" run, they are just played differently. I think the current leaderboard structure is the best way to take both points of view into consideration. I would also like to point out that even if you have submitted a run that has intentionally manipulated, we still allow another run to be submitted that hasn't (GFC and Redhot being examples of people who have done this), and a supposed leaderboard position for said runs can be worked out easily.

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Forum: Rome: Total War

Thread: Retiming of runs.

Started by: m13m13

I have just retimed the top 2 runs for the short campaign and resubmitted their times accordingly, please make sure you are timing the runs appropriately.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot

Thread: Individual Levels

Started by: HaviHavi

because there used to be and they were horribly underused


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: PS2 emulator?

Started by: RumblezManRumblezMan

he accidentally selected ps2 instead of ps1 when submitting

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Forum: Crash Twinsanity

Thread: wtf

Started by: denbla003denbla003

this site isnt really an appropriate place to keep such runs just find a few people who are into those sort of runs and make a google doc or some shit

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Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Infinite powerup glitch

Started by: vel0cicraptorvel0cicraptor

the one at the top of haunted towers init

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Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: Updated Verification Rules/NG+ Rules

Started by: RobotCrocodilzRobotCrocodilz

Can I get a bit more insight on the run that stood as WR for like >1day but was removed? What were the exact issues with this run?

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Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Vortex% Question

Started by: Thanatoast01Thanatoast01

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there is an in-game cheat code that unlocks them all


Forum: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Thread: Placement Icons Ideas

Started by: TofloeTofloe

i mean im sure they'd do something like that if someone provides them with images to use


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: New Category

Started by: KeleXBRKeleXBR

thats quite vague young man

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Forum: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Thread: TurtleFriend

Started by: [Deleted user]

km13 i've been known to support ur movements but im gonna back up kollin7 on this occasion

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