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While surfing Youtube one afternoon, I came upon an Assassin's Creed:Odyssey Funny Moments and Glitches video that was lost deep within the pages. In the video, it had your basic hilarious moments and embedded within the video and a glitch that I thought to myself would be pretty useful for many situations. It started with a rock in the Salty Bandits camp in Red Lake Bay. Showing the news to my good friend, Savusukka, we set out to find ways on how the glitch works and where we could use the rock launch.

Before understanding how it works, you'll need to learn some key elements to function correctly:

1.) You need a bow.
2.) You need to be crouching when you approach the angle of the rock.
3.) You need to find a rock that has "angles", meaning a rock where you can see the so-called line on the outside. If this rock is too soft looking, then the trick will either be incredibly hard to perform or will not work whatsoever.
4.) You need to learn how to position yourself, facing the direction you want to go then position yourself against the angle of the rock while pressing right-click or what ever the put-away input is on console. (Sorry don't play console.)

How it works:

When you have found a rock that has jagged edges or a rock that you can clearly see the line on the outside, approach the rock facing the direction you want to go. As you move towards the rock you'll then crouch when reaching the edge. You'll a have clear indication that your character model is clipping through the rock as you see the leg and foot move through the rock. You can then look down to further help position yourself into the edge of the rock. With this done correctly, you can then right-click and watch your character launch incredible distances. Some as far as over 7,000m!

So what causes this to happen?

When you move forward then crouch while having right-click or your arrow-set input held down, your character will remain stationary but within a 1.5sec time frame, you'll notice that you'll move about a frame slightly forward. Doing this while you let go of right-click, you can break this forward movement early and your character moves foward with the same amount of distance but is easily more noticeable. So essentially when you approach the edge of the rock and gain momentum by walking towards it then crouching, within this 1.5sec time period you're clipping into it's edge. Then, when you release right-click early, your character will push their way into the rock, causing yourself to be clipped within it. The game then has trouble with you being there and instead of placing you back where you were, it decides to take the edge of the rock that you clipped into, and launches you in that direction. Different edges have different results but that is the basics of what we know about Rock Launching so far.

Savusukka and I are still currently testing this glitch out daily to further optimize travel and different rock locations that could possibly help with faster times in speedruns. The problems that we are currently facing is desyncing issues. This is caused by either going too high or by going too far without touching a solid surface, waves count as a solid surface as well. So finding optimal rock locations and angles is what will improve our journey around Odyssey. Below I will link a video showing simple rock launches to help better demonstrate how it works.