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Thread: New Easter egg catagory

Started by: Graham_CrackerGraham_Cracker

love him or hate him he spitting straight facts lets make this a reality boys

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Thread: LiveSplit not staying on my screen when I fullscreen the game

Started by: lunchedbox34lunchedbox34

I don't have a moniter that can go above the refresh rate that makes the game go double speed, so I try to go fullscreen to do an attempt, but livesplit doesn't stay on the screen. Does anybody have a fix or even a way to put livesplit to the side so it doesn't overlap the game? any suggestions would be appreciated as this is getting annoying 🙂


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Thread: Games not intended for speedrunning

Started by: Alexander_SilvargAlexander_Silvarg

fnaf 1-2. theyre basically built out of rng, and there's little to no ways you could possibly shorten your time. I know fnaf is cringe, but thats the first thing that popped into my mind

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: pokemon running?

Started by: lunchedbox34lunchedbox34

Hey, im kinda interested in running pokemon games. Does anyone have any ideas for which game/category would be a good first start?


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Thread: Are you happy with yourself?

Started by: CoopeZzXIIICoopeZzXIII

i dunno honestly, sometimes i feel like i mean nothing to the world, and sometimes i feel like i mean someone to something