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Forum: Tower of Hell

Thread: Wr Mistakes?

Started by: JaymetricsJaymetrics

I would also like to add this run, which was accepted as a pro tower run even though it uses the gravity coil.

Both Plyxcles's speed coil and gravity coil runs were submitted and accepted to the pro tower subcategory, so the speed coil run is shown as his current PB and the gravity coil run is shown as an obsoleted run.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What Is The Longest Speedrun You’ve Ever Done

Started by: Act7Act7

I did a 100% run of a ROM hack named "Star Road" that was 4 1/2 hours long. I also did a 100% speedrun of the original Mario 64 which took me 4 hours as well. I plan on improving both of those times as well as doing longer categories in the future.

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Thread: Why was my game rejected

Started by: myclvexmyclvex

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ROBLOX series moderators can easily find out if you're under the age of 13 or not just by looking at the link you submitted.

If the link is a "web.roblox.com" link, then that means you have an "under 13" account, but if it isn't and is instead a "www.roblox.com" link, then you don't have an "under 13" account.

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Forum: Talk

Thread: It is 1:51am

Started by: [Deleted user]

No it's 8:05 pm


Forum: THE Tower of Hell

Thread: FPS Unlocker?

Started by: SciFiNautSciFiNaut

Don't know why. A lot of other Roblox games (e.g. Speed Run 4, Robot 64) state that FPS unlocker is banned, but this game doesn't for some reason.


Forum: THE Tower of Hell

Thread: FPS Unlocker?

Started by: SciFiNautSciFiNaut

FPS unlocker is not allowed to be used in runs.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Delayed notifications

Started by: GarshGarsh

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Same here, my most recent run was verified at around 4:00 AM PST, and I just got the notification for it 20 minutes ago.


Forum: Tower of Hell


Started by: NxtPoisonNxtPoison

@ReddyRReddyR From what I've heard, it changes Roblox's physics in certain ways. I don't know how it changes the physics, but that's probably why they're banned.


Forum: Tower of Hell


Started by: NxtPoisonNxtPoison

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@ReddyRReddyR FPS unlocker gives you unfair advantages, such as this:


Forum: Super Mario 64 Land

Thread: Mupen64 Emulator

Started by: ToonTubers2020ToonTubers2020

"Emulators used with loading time advantages over "standard emulators" (a/the standard emulator is Project64 1.6) are forbidden." - Quoted from the general rules for SM64 ROM hacks.

As long as the emulator doesn't have faster loading times than Project64 1.6, then it should be allowed.


Forum: Talk

Thread: Don't Break The Chain

Started by: AvriixAvriix

my gosh

a whole 5 hours without a post in this thread

it can't be


Forum: ROBLOX: Speed Run 4

Thread: Glitch made me skip level 14?

Started by: robertalbertson240robertalbertson240

This is already known and is even done in the current IL record for level 14. It happens because one of your character's body parts touched the portal after you died.


Forum: Talk

Thread: What annoys you most?

Started by: Sandstorm187Sandstorm187

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When you have a window open in your room and it's so windy outside that it keeps slamming your door shut.

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Forum: Talk

Thread: Post your setups

Started by: AA

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Here's my setup.


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Forum: Talk

Thread: How many games do you follow?

Started by: JubileeJubilee

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I followed 80 games.


Forum: Talk

Thread: Accidental Skip Discoveries

Started by: IvoryIvory

I accidentally discovered a glitch in "Adventure Forward 2" where you get stuck in mid-air after using the saw.

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