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Started by: Exclamation_MarkYTExclamation_MarkYT

if all the rules from peashooter only applies to you run, then yes, if you broke some rules in 1.1+ run like using different weapon then it will be rejected


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Thread: Question of the sub categories

Started by: RePrattsRePratts

nope, there's no category like that currently


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Thread: Coin Bag

Started by: Igor_16goIgor_16go

You probably leaved before/during/after apple guy talk which changes memory of the game, making you get random coins on new file. Basically it was probably messing up with game memory, which isn't allowed.


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Thread: Djimmi - Possible Timesave for All Bosses - Regular?

Started by: WellissoWellisso

Looks interesting, gonna try it out when i got some time for testing!


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Thread: I need help!

Started by: NintendoGamer64NintendoGamer64

are you playing on steam?


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Thread: Poll Regarding Menuglitch

Started by: GoodigoGoodigo

Alright, i know i should at least try to use new glitch to say something about it, so i tried it, and thats what i think about it.
First of all - pause glitch punish speedruners which played this game for long time, like TMR, me and others, beacuse each at least good speedruner can easily beat our times with new glitch, even through how much we played this game and how much love we give it to it.
Second - it's hard to ,,add" it to you runs, i played this game for 160 hours already, and like 140 speedrun it, i try to learn it for hours, i changed controls for it cus i play on xbox controller so i cannot use A/B button while using this glitch, and still cannot do it consistently.
It's not like robot heart attack glitch which you just need to learn. It's change the way you play this game, which is bullshit in my opinion to add it to all categories.
I can understand some people like this glitch and want to use it, that's why it's deserve new category, so those people can have fun with this glitch and learn it, and old-schoolers stick to the old way to play it, if we add it to all categories, new strat will beat old times, and probably most of speedruners will stop play it, i know i cannot do this 2-flame perfect glitch in each boss-fight ( maybe cus i'm suck ) to beat new times and i'm gonna give up this game after 2 month of playing it... well not rly, i'm still gonna play glitchless ones.
My conclusion - by creating new categories for this glitch, no one gonna suffer from it, i can say more - most of people which like this glitch can play with it in new categories, and people which doesn't want to use/can't use this glitch can play old categories, also old times won't suffer from it.

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