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I know he flees on the 4th turn if you didn't do enough damage, but does that mean you have 1 extra turn and he flees at the END of his fourth turn? Does he always flee at the beginning of the fourth turn?

Is there a way to for example slow him, if he does flee at the beginning, and get extra turns in?

How's the 4th turn work exactly?

I've always just assumed you have only 3 turns to kill him and he immediately runs on the beginning of the fourth, but I honestly don't know for sure.

Thanks. 🙂

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According to our AC-Ref Guide ( http:/​/​acref.​blueshack.​net/​#enemies ) the blob has 510 agility - so if you can boost the AGL of Arty e.g. over that value, she'll / he'll attack a fourth time (and/or lower the blob's agility as well, as shown in the video).

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