Replay Story - Co-Op in 1h 51m 00s by ziro_the_hiroziro_the_hiro and Snolid_IceSnolid_Ice - 1st place

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Name Duration Finished at
The Final Showdown 11m 17s 062ms 11m 17s
Oh, on Parr? 11m 48s 783ms 23m 05s
Return to Nomansian Island 9m 17s 896ms 32m 23s
The Golden Years 10m 04s 764ms 42m 28s
Vigilant Vigilantes 8m 20s 788ms 50m 49s
Nomanisan Island 8m 27s 642ms 59m 16s
Undermined 9m 46s 883ms 1h 09m 03s
Hover Train Hijinx 7m 48s 204ms 1h 16m 52s
Revelations 8m 50s 006ms 1h 25m 42s
Elastigirl on the Case 8m 55s 191ms 1h 34m 37s
Bad Parr Pun 7m 30s 140ms 1h 42m 07s
Screenslaver Showdown 8m 53s 525ms 1h 51m 00s
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