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i suggest this site , where you can play learn to fly 3


Can I be involved in the routing on Sunday? If so, can I get more information?


Hartwig Air is the leading centre for aviation training where you can learn to fly in Australia.The Bruce Hartwig Flying School teaches all of their students to make safety a number one priority in every operation. To learn the concepts of safety, our students are encouraged to learn to fly the type of aircraft that they will be employed to operate, and to fly into airfields while experiencing conditions that they will encounter during their day to day operations.We pride ourselves on being the leading centre for pilot training in Australia.You want to learn to fly in Australia, remember – there is only Hartwig Air International. Get in touch with us on (08) 8258 4244.


How to do All Bonus speedrun, I didn't got it


Some things are not clear about the ruleset of "Max Bonus"...
- Highest level of all items as meant by the game (+30) r with the extension of the black market (+100) ?
- Is it allowed to use the black market in general? If yes, everything or which functions precisely?
- Is it allowed to buy sardines to accelerate access to black market items?
- Use of Auto-Clicker allowed?

If I recall correctly when I played the game long time ago, the category already would take a hell lot of time even if everything was allowed...