Break the Record: 2023 is starting!
Break the Record: 2023 is starting!
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Hello everyone! As many of you may have seen, recently we announced a Break the Record for TCS this summer. Tomorrow, the festivities will commence, starting at 11AM EST for 12 hours each day all the way through until our final day on Sunday. It will feature 11 of the top runners: myself, ERoadhouse, Bricko, Ginger, WiiSuper, Jared, Scynor, FrostByte, Baconsoda, Jablaky, and DaHamster! We'll be using a new program from Javster101 and P53, the creators of BrickBench, known as 'AutoMarathon' to run the event. The three days will feature commentary from a number of community members like chimkin, ChessWiz, Siedemnastek, Anonymous, and many more. Make sure to tune in on the LEGOSpeedruns twitch channel for all the action starting tomorrow morning. We hope to see you all there!

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