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I agree that the GBA version is quite different, and the name is more or less the only thing it has in common with the other versions.
However, GBA has been added as a platform just like the other versions, so it's a legit run and as it happens, it's the fastest version out there.
(the problem is mainly caused by the leaderboard structure. Technically, you denied the fastest run and made it a miscellaneous category)

Nonetheless, it makes sense to separate them, but making it a miscellaneous category just because it's GBA is somewhat disrespectful.
Having two leaderboards is kind of an immoderation though, so the best solution is probably to just keep it like this, but give the GBA version some credit too and move it out of the miscellaneous area.


Fair enough.
I suppose none of you have any interest in the GBA version?
If so, I'd just take care of it myself.

Not sure how to handle the name issue though.


Alright, cool.
I suppose that's the best name we can get.

And sure, you can just add me as a mod then.