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You must visit all of these locations;
These can be linked to in ANY order but you only need to visit them once.

- Bright Moon Cottage (you always spawn here so have this one checked off prior!)
- Violence District
- Happy Town
- Kyoto
- Natural World
- Pit & Temple
- Temple Dojo
- Monument Park
- Blank Space
- Flesh Tunnels
- Clockwork Tunnels
- Moonlight Tower
- Long Hallway
- Sun Face Heave

This gives you a total of 14. Simply spawning in these areas through links or starting a new day within them counts towards this total.

It is not recommended that you split after each location assuming they flow between each other as expected.

Best of luck!


bumping to say that i implore you all to try running this category. its very fun and has loads of room for alternate paths and strategies on account of how you can alter the level seed during linking. its also much more engaging than the length runs and takes less time usually.

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Just making notes for reference; if anybody knows more consistent links then please post them here!

The tunnel entrance to the Dojo from within Kyoto is directly opposite the tunnel entrance to the Natural World, just turn around and follow through the Torii (tall archway).

The wall beneath the sun in the sky in Happy Town will link you to the Sun Faces Heave.

The pterodactyl in Bright Moon Cottage will link you to Pit and Temple.

A stationary "head man" outside of Bright Moon Cottage will link you to Pit and Temple.

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It's not a consistent link inasmuch as you have to hit it at the right angle to get the correct warp, but in a run I'm about to submit to you now, I found a way to make it so the girl in the Black Space warps you right outside Temple Dojo. As Temple Dojo takes a lot of walking to get to normally, this could potentially be a very useful warp. I managed to warp right in front of Moonlight Tower as well but that one's definitely inconsistent.

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Your strat using the girl in Blank Space is cool, it seems that she is linking with you rather than you linking with her, maybe this is what influenced the linking into being something more ideal for this route.

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I think that's what I love most about LSD - it's like a huge maze that you accidentally shape around you. I'm definitely gonna have to experiment more with trying to link to useful points of Kyoto. Also, I read on the wiki a while back that Monument Part was meant to link to specific locations, but I've never really had much luck with manipulating the links there. What are other people's experiences?

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