Version 1.2 released
7 years ago

It's been 10 years since this hack got released and surprisingly it's been updated.

It does rebalance the game a little bit (notably allow you to continue from the guardhouse if you die, as well as allow you to stun guards with your fists before you get the sword)

Another notable addition which may be welcome for speedrunners is the ability to change direction without stopping while dashing with the boots. I tried it out a little bit and can be quite awesome for taking out some enemies quickly, works great against lanmolas for example! And of course great for traveling around the overworld.

Also you no longer take damage while boosting with bombs, allowing you to get cane of byrna early without needing a ton of hearts. And skip a climb of PT because you apparently can backtrack now..The ROM has also changed from slow- to fastrom, which should eliminate some lag. Only played up until Draegors castle so far myself but it feels like the slowdowns aren't as bad as before.

A Link to the Patch:,23339.html All changes are in the bottom of the readme.

Also note there's an additional bugfix-patch in the replies because there was a bug in Darunia where a door wouldn't open. (just apply on top of 1.2)

I don't speedrun this game currently, but I may in the future. Did light world for 12 hour challenge a while back.

Just wanted to let you guys know about the new version if you weren't already aware. And maybe discuss if it will be allowed, if so should probably change up the leaderboards to determine which version was used. And hey, maybe discuss possible new strats that can be used with the change to the pegasus boots etc.

Have fun and enjoy!

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