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Hello my fellow speedrunners!

As I have already posted in the other thread made by Babyhuehnchen the old Discord server seems to be deleted. Therefore, I took it on myself to create a new combined Discord server for all games within the series (that are currently on

The new Discord server created for the series is a place for all Looney Tunes speedrunners to meet up and discuss whichever game you run. The server has a specific room for all games listed on and therefore you can find the community you want to be a part of and get more people involved in your speedgame. The following link is permanent and can be used to invite more people into the server.

The link to our Discord server:


I am currently a series moderator for Looney Tunes. Funny enough, I don't know why, since this all started with me only being a moderator of Taz Express. Although, I took it on myself to steer this up. Being a series moderator means I have the power to add new games to the series on I am also a moderator of most games in the series, and therefore I am capable of handing out moderator statuses to those games. I am personally not interested in moderating the games within the series (except for Taz Express) and therefore I would be glad to hand the games over to other, more capable people. If you want to discuss this with me, feel free to message me on Discord.