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I've been feeling out of speedrunning for a couple months and today out of the blue I came with an idea to pique my interest once again in this hobby, by creating a new category.

I felt that the any% route missed interesting fights like the elementals, but the 100% route felt a bit like a chore so this fits in between both, with mostly all the fun parts of both routes

This is the first trial so far and it can be lowered so much more, sub 1h surely doable(got an 1:07:53 not recorded with MAJOR mistakes, like forgetting to flip the VI tablet), but you can get the idea behind it

Let me know what you think about the idea!

(beware, a few snippets of commentary both in spanish at first and in terrible english halfway through)


All Bosses makes more sense than 100% for this game in my eyes, I think its a fun addition.


I'm fine with adding All Bosses as a category.

For right now, I'll just add it for Leon, but if you finish runs as other characters, let me know and I can add them when a run is available.


hi Dragondarch, is it possible to create a category in @CrazyCrazy mode 100% (without glitches)?

I have a run made on these requirements.


As of this moment, I don't plan on adding any glitchless categories. However, I can add standard @CrazyCrazy categories as runs are completed for them. Do you have a link to your run so I can confirm it's 100% @CrazyCrazy?


OK, I created the Crazy category, with Any%, All Bosses, and 100% as options.
Feel free to submit you run.

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