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Thread: questions from a newbie

Started by: loafofbreadloafofbread

so im thinking about running this game, and i have a few questions, first is there a discord server for this game? also how can i remove the dlc from my game and since i have a version that we'll call not the steam version, is load removal not a thing? i also dont seem to have the option to skip the tutorial at the beginning. thanks ahead of time.


Forum: Beyond: Two Souls

Thread: hi

Started by: CrimssonCrimsson



Forum: Until Dawn

Thread: Until Dawn Timing?

Started by: GoglabeshGoglabesh

Pocket Sword also pauses his timer during the "Previously on" sections between chapters.


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Volunteering

Started by: flickyflicky

andy (ontwoplanks) contacted me about being a chat mod and I would be happy to be on off site mod.


Forum: Commander Keen

Thread: DosBox settings

Started by: loafofbreadloafofbread

what are the correct DosBox settings for keen 4,5,6?