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So, the leaderboard mods have decided to unban MonadoPurge. It seems like it's the right thing to do, and I know he's truly sorry about what he did, and it's best to just forgive and forget. He can now submit times to the board, but will be watched very closely by the other mods.

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I wasn't around when this all happened, and I know its slightly irrelevant, but what exactly did he do?


He got caught splicing a run, and people in the Community harshly banished him, and he wasn't allowed to submit runs anymore, but, we're forgiving him and giving him another chance. We'll still be watching his runs closely.


I don't agree with this decision whatsoever, in fact it's hypocrisy. Veman's case was settled based on facts, although I don't agree with the consensus, he technically didn't break any rules at the time. MonadoPurge however, has cheated on mulitple accounts, once by running on USB Loader during a tournament race (It had been fully banned at this point) and another time by submitting a spliced run to the leaderboards. The fact that these situations are treated similarly is disgusting. As people have told me in the discord, they want the community to be human and forgive people for their mistakes, give them a second chance. The thing is that Monado never made mistakes, he knew exactly what he was doing, what the consequences were. Let's not forget that mere minutes after being banned, he decided to ban evade by attempting to submit another time on an alternate account. People like this don't change, you can still be friends with him and let him be apart of the community if you wish, but he does not deserve to be on the leaderboards. I know you don't give a shit about my opinion and that it's already final, but I decided to post this anyway.

Listen I know you just want to try to have fun and be kind, "Not robots with strict rules" as one put it, but you can do all of this with an honest community. Having those rules in place encourages people to have integrity, instead of attempting to cheat knowing there are no repercussions.


What is Monado's actual pb in the game?
AKA his pb before is 2 segment tas challenge OpieOP


" Let's not forget that mere minutes after being banned, he decided to ban evade by attempting to submit another time on an alternate account." Mind if I ask, what exactly are you referring to this this? This never happened. I never resubmitted my time on an alternate account. I know what I had done was wrong, I never even asked to be unbanned from the leaderboards in the first place. But I personally think you are taking things way out of control, like others have said, give me a chance, people do change. Like seriously, you don't have to respect me for what I have done, because I know what I did was wrong, I knew my consequences as soon as I posted the run, I knew what I had done was wrong, but I went along with it anyways. People make dumb mistakes, we're all just human, nobody is perfect. You can't give me one chance to show that I have changed?

I didn't even want to post an angry rant like this, but you were accusing me of something I had never done, and that pissed me off. I know what I had done to cheat, but I don't want to be accused for something I know I didn't do, and I never made an alternate account and resubmitted my times. People in the community thought I have changed, and I have to say that I have, not being biased towards myself, but I have changed, some people have noticed. But I don't think me splicing in a video game should have to come down to me getting shit thrown at me at every direction, even 7 months after this has happened, I still get this kind of stuff happening. But its whatever, I respect your opinion on me, but just keep it to yourself, and not on a public scene, it kind of hurts.

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Well that was quite the change of demeanor! I guess it was purely coincidence somebody decided to submit a 1:01 (close to your pb at the time) as their first run, minutes after the incident! If I was mistaken, why are you suddenly so upset about it? Simply calling me out on it would be just fine.


Actually I just remembered something, you tried to ban evade in the community discord by making an alternate account posing as one of the members. If you have no shame in doing that then I don't see why it couldn't have been you on the leaderboards as well 🙂


I'm upset about it because you're calling me out for doing it when I never did. How would you feel if you were accused for something you didn't do? I'm sure you'd get upset and do almost exactly what I did, defend yourself.


I expected such a response, however not so angry and out of characer. There was no proof, it's fair for you to defend it. I just find the circumstances interesting


I understand, take it as you will but truthfully that wasn't me. Honestly I didn't even know somebody had done that in the first place.


It would make sense if someone else made it, pretending to be him, so they could put even more weight on his shoulders than before.

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I'm locking this thread. We talked about this in Discord Bluehits. A fresh start.