All Portraits OoB Route

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-Area 1
Just do area 1 like normal

-Area 2/3
Clip out of bounds after Chauncey
Do courtyard clip (
Watch the Mario cutscene
Mario's Letter
Biff + Treadmill Key

Bathroom Key (the one with the two grabbers)
Ballroom + Storage Room
Boo Release

Neville Boo
Lydia Boo
Nursery Boo
Chauncey Key + cutscene

Storage Boo
Ballroom Boo
Washroom Key
Mirror room + Boo
Fire Savewarp

Water split exactly as you would in No OoB, but also activating Luggs

Kitchen Boo
Luggs + Boo
Biff Boo
Ice (no boo)

Moonshot split exactly as you would in No OoB, but without collecting any boos

Bankshot + Boo
Projector Room + Boo
Twins + Boo
Parlour Boo
Anterroom Boo
Wardrobe Boo

Clairvoya + Boo
Safari Room (no boo)

-Area 4
Tea Room Boo (get ice)
Safari Boo

Cellar + Boo
Bogmire (warps to balcony after Bogmire)

Continue to Rooftop, the route is now the same as the route without OoB (the boos you need are Weston Boo and Sitting Room Boo)

Route idea by Respect