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Hey guys, as the game has a lot of hype recently, it could be cool to make a Little Mermaid tournament. Rules could be simple, a 3 laps race (first to beat Ursula2 3 times, reset after cutscene start or last hit) on a double elimination tournament format. Runners would be seed with their PB. Tell me what you think about that!


It[s been getting hype recently? How so? I would be interested in joining a tournament why not!


johncarls, to answer your question, JeedUnit recently convinced a bunch of his buddies (Dracula, me and like 5 or 6 other people) to pick this game up. So, yeah, game's been getting more attention, and that's also why you may have noticed a few more canadian flags on the leaderboards. :>

I kinda like the idea for the 3 laps format. It might be a decent way to even out RNG. I can't really think of a better way to go about it for that matter. Also, if my vote counts, I'd say resetting after fadeout (when cutscene starts) makes more sense.


Hey just saw this and it looks cool!


For the tournament, you are resetting right after the screen turn black after the fianl hit on Ursula 2. That way you are sure everyone will have the final hit and reset at the same time. The more we are, the mmore hype we have 🙂


I thought a bit about the tournament format. The current idea is to do 3 loops, but i think that can screw over the faster racer if he has just bad luck in one loop. For example:

Player 1
Loop 1: 7min
Loop 2: 11min (Bad luck, maybe death, loss of power up)
Loop 3: 7min
Total Time: 25min

Player 2
Loop 1: 8min
Loop 2: 8min
Loop 3: 8min
Total Time: 24min

With 3 loops player 2 would win the race, even if player 1 had 2 faster loops. If you do best of 3 individual races with the normal speedrun goal, then player 1 would win. Not sure what is better. 3 loops favors the more consistent runner who maybe plays safer. Best of 3 favors the faster racer, in my opinion, because a mistake in one race can not cost you the overall match.


I think Reboot's idea is good. Best of 3 is more similar to what other speedrun communities use, for example Crypt of the Necrodancer, for which the runs are comparably long.


Also, do we have any dates set or anything for this?


The goal of the 3 laps race is to balance the rng that both runner could have. When I created the tournament, I was thinking about a best of 3, but it could put a faster runner in trouble if have really bad rngs in 2 runs and a flawless one in the other. We three laps, he may catch up with the flawless run, but with the best of 3 he is quite over. Plus if you take a death, if force you to know back up starts (where other pearls could be) while a death in a best of 3 format would probably make the runner reset and just wait for the other runner complete the game.


The seed and the official bracket is here!! tournament start this weekend! First round player will have 1 week to complete their game. Be sure to join the discord channel: and to put your race date on the google doc so we could restream the race: