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Now, I don't care anymore about the run being accepted or not. Just few things to say before leaving, the run is legit 100% but to make it a cheated run, some guys from this community started to say few "weird" things about it like "stopping for 1 frame" in Undersea Volcano is what gave me a great RNG against seahorse, though that stop is 2 rooms before the fight and the boss pattern in this stage changes inside the boss fight. As well as a non-existent stop before Ursula 1. They even said that it is impossible to change the palette in Nestopia while I proved it is possible. All of that to claim cheats (while the run is valid) and what is "very weird" is that they want me to disprove what they claimed. I don't know what is behind that but I don't care. Overall, the run is legit, if someone don't want to believe, is his problem not mine, accept or reject I don't care.


I read all of the Discord discussion on this and ultimately came to the same conclusion.
Any runs done on emulator need to held to a higher standard due to the potential for TASed runs being submitted with no definitive way to discern them from genuine ones.
This really frustrates me though because none of us mods actually know the true answer to this and never will.
all I can suggest going forward is do what other competitive boards have done and give strict guidelines for emulator usage to prevent any chance of faked runs
either that or go the nuclear option and ban them entirely

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Is there a link to the Discord server for this discussion?


Also is it possible to post a link to the Run that was rejected in this thread for documentation purposes?


@McBobX after reading this discussion on your run. Because of your history you have placed yourself in the position of having to fight an uphill battle which will require more of you then would be required of others what that means is that we don't have to prove that your run is illegitimate the burden of proof is on you to offer as many evidences as you possibly can to correct the perception that you yourself have built in the minds of others. At this time I agree that your run should be rejected but personally if you were to offer additional evidence is in the future has many here have asked of you I don't see any reason why future runs would not be accepted or even have us revisit this particular run. So the ball is in your court to repair the damage to your own reputation and begin legitimizing yourself within the community.


If I will to run this game again, I will use what Mega Man RTA community uses to verify emulator run, meaning showing in the video that I'm not playing back a run by showing the frame counter that is not fractional or showing that I'm recording a movie. At this point, no one can claim any cheats on the run because it verifies itself by itself. I started doing this method for all my emulated runs.
About spliced runs, yeah I made some of them in the past while I wasn't like serious about speedruning and just like to do them. Now there is now way I can repeat that and submit to an LB. If that still in the minds on the others it is not my problem to be honest as I explained many times that this was just for 2 months or so before I started running this game.