Any% in 7m 18s 068ms by SuperBigKMartSuperBigKMart - 41st place

+2 walrus
3 cycle horsea
PIllar skip
Backward throw

If I didn't mess up at walrus and Ursula 2, it was sub 7m15

Played on Nintendo Entertainment System [USA] on

Submitted by SuperBigKMartSuperBigKMart on

Verified by JeedUnitJeedUnit on


Name Duration Finished at
Under the Sea 1m 02s 089ms 1m 02s 089ms
Sous l'océan 1m 22s 714ms 2m 24s 803ms
Bajo el mar 1m 39s 488ms 4m 04s 291ms
In fondo al mar 1m 13s 265ms 5m 17s 556ms
Havet är djupt 1m 21s 620ms 6m 39s 176ms
Save the princess... oh wait 0m 38s 892ms 7m 18s 068ms
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