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UPDATED 7/30/28
- Added breakdown of Beco's Basement Skip


Hey there folks. I've noticed quite the uptick in activity for Nemo in the past weeks (which is awesome!), but I know there are very few resources when it comes to learning the game outside of watching others' runs. As such, I've created a level-by-level tutorial for newcomers.

It's not necessarily meant to be a fully comprehensive breakdown of every strat, but I've tried to include explanations of most the current tricks. I know I wished there was something like this when I first started grinding the run, so hopefully this helps some of you guys get started off a bit more quickly than I did.

Playlist link is here:

I'll try to update as new optimizations/strats are discovered. Hope it helps, and feel free to PM me with any questions!

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This is awesome, being as I have been interested in trying this speedrun out for a while (albeit I haven't got around to it yet) having resources like this really help to grow a game's popularity, so thank you so much for sharing these!

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Happy to do it. Honestly it's just nice to see more people running the game - it was pretty lonely over here for a while!

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Hey there folks. I've updated the playlist and added a breakdown of Beco's Basement Skip technique. It's a really smart little bit of tech that he developed - and it's much easier to do once you understand what makes it work. 🙂

Hope it helps!

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