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I've done a 100% speedrun, which I've defined as getting every party member, and finishing the game as normal. The rules would be exactly like any%, but you would have to get every party member before finishing the game.

I don't know if anybody else is interested in this kind of run, but I personally think it would add a lot of variety within the LISA speedun community.


I haven't run LISA yet(have completed regular 100% playthroughs), but I definitely think it would be a good, classic category that would change up things. I'd also be interested in seeing a Satan% run, but that might be too RNG based.


Satan% would be fun! I don't personally care that much about RNG, as there are already a bunch of rng hurdles in the game such as russian roulette and charmy among others. Making a good and consistant route/party member lineup for Satan% would be interesting for the speedrun community. I don't know if that category would catch on that well however, since its a niche category in an already niche speedgame... I'm totally open to it though!


I'm down for a 100% category, would be fun


rather than 100%, i was thinking something more along the lines of "all allies"%. IDK what the routing would be, but it IS possible. Especially cos Ajeet is bugged, and will still join you if you take more than 2 joy. I'd def say buckets would have to be last, due to the nature of how he's recruited


literally just saw this post but I routed and did this. I hope "all characters" is a good enough route name for it. could it be added as a category?

I'm also working on an "all bosses" route which would be fighting every unique fight including Satan. 😛