Main/Category Extensions Board Merge
2 years ago
Victoria, Australia

Hello, we have started a vote which will determine whether we combine the lion king ‘category extensions’ and the 'main' board together.

If you would like to be part of this vote and share your opinion, please join the lion king discord server and cast your vote.

Once voting has concluded I will update this post with results and any further details.

Edited by the author 2 years ago
Victoria, Australia

The final results where as followed...

  1. Would you like to open up the main leader board to add the current 'category extensions' under a miscellaneous tab? YES = 10 Votes NO = 2 Votes

  2. Would you like the 'Normal%' category on the main leader board? (Else it will be kept in misc.) YES = 10 Votes NO = 2 Votes

With the majority voting 'Yes' on both issues, we will merge the category extension board with the main board, with all categories except 'Normal Any%' going under the Misc. Tab. Thanks for everybody's input.

Edited by the author 2 years ago
Victoria, Australia

All runs including obsolete times have now been moved to the main board. The Category Extensions board will now be emptied and removed. The following pic is for historical purposes showing the contents before removal.

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